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Windows  XP, Windows Vista , Windows 7/8/10

Checkbook Ease Premium 2.1 Checkbook Ease 2.1 CBE Organizer 2.1   
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Checkbook Ease Premium 2.1.....   Six programs for the price of one!!!

Multiple accounts, budget, day planner,  memo pad,  task manager,  picture viewer & more !!!!

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     1.  Transaction Reminders

     2.  Budget Window 

     3.  Balance a Statement

     4.  Schedule Transactions

     5.  Set Transaction Order           

     6.  Create Budget with sub-categories
     7.  Budget template and editor
     8.  Budget Split   
     9.  Monthly Budget Summary  

    10.  Transaction Search

    11.  Credit Card Debt Reduction Planner  
    12.  Financial Planners
    13.  Import Transactions (Qfx and Qif)
    14.  Print accounts, budget, transactions
    15.  Transfer files using (Qif)

CBE Organizer Features

     1.  Appointment & Task Reminder
     2.  Day Planner with your pictures
     3.  Day Planner with  Memo Pad
     4.  Day Planner with Yearly Calendar
     5.  Monthly Calendar
     6.  Special Dates
     7.  Picture Viewer with Album maker
     8.  Task Manager

     Checkbookease Features

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Checkbook Ease Premium helps you easily ...

Manage multiple bank accounts and credit cards

Easy transactions entry .................Download transactions from the internet.  Click Here
View your account balances .........Tables and charts by month.
- Never miss a payment ................. Schedule payments
and deposits as a reminder or auto entry. Click Here
- Balance statements quickly.......... Separate Balance window  
Click Here

Peace of mind .............................Password protection and Backup/Restore data

Plan your future expenses

Create your own budget .........Select from over 100 item categories. 
-  Stay on budget ..................... See the money left to be spent while entering transactions.
See money spent .................. Monthly budget summaries with charts.
Click Here
-  Plan your future..................... Use the retirement, college and home purchase planner.
Click Here

Reduce your credit card debt

Have money for payments ............Budgets credit card payments as you enter transactions.
Reduce your debt ...................... Use the credit card planner to create a debt reduction plan.
Click Here
-  Pay less interest ........................ Create payment plan and automatically update your budget

Organize your time

Schedule your appointments ............ Easy to use day planner!
-  Never miss an appointment .............. Auto reminder of appointments on startup.
Create personal special dates .......... Use the date creator
Select the calendar your way ........... By day, week, month or year 
Click Here
Make a hard copy ........................... Print monthly or daily schedule.

Schedule your activities

Organize your life ...........
Use the Task Manager to create to-do lists with reminders
Make to-do lists ............. Schedule tasks with reminders   
Click Here    
Create Notes ................. Use the multi-feature Memo pad 
Click Here

View your pictures

- Take a break! ........................View your favorite pictures with the picture viewer.
- Organize your pictures ........ Create picture albums.
Click Here


Checkbook Ease Products

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(Windows  XP ,Vista, Windows 7/8)

CBE Organizer 2.1
Checkbook Ease 2.1
Checkbook Ease Premium 2.1
   1. Multiple Accounts and Credit Cards No Yes Yes
   2.  Register sorting No Yes Yes
   3.  Set Transaction entry order No Yes Yes
   4.  Envelope budget system No Yes Yes
   5.  Print accounts, budget & transactions No Yes Yes
   6.  Extensive Reports No Yes Yes
   7.  Quick transaction search No Yes Yes
   8.  Archive Accounts No Yes Yes
   9.  Quick Budget Category Entry No Yes Yes
   10.  Transfer files using QIF format No Yes Yes
   11.  Import downloaded transactions  (Qfx &Qif) No Yes Yes
   12.  Account & budget summary No Yes Yes
   13.  Account & budgeting charting No Yes Yes
   14.  Split budget No Yes Yes
   15.  Schedule transactions No Yes Yes
   16.  Credit Card Planner linked to budget No Yes Yes
   17.  Home Purchase and mortgage planner No Yes Yes
   18.  College planner No Yes Yes
   19  Retirement planner No Yes Yes
   20.  Instructional videos No on-line on-line
   21.  20 colorful backgrounds Yes Yes Yes
   22.  User Manual Yes Yes Yes
   23.  Password Protection Yes Yes Yes
   24.  Backup/Restore Data Yes Yes Yes
    25.  Day Planner Yes No Yes
   26.  Memo Pad (multi-feature) Yes No Yes
   27.  Picture Viewer and album maker Yes No Yes
   28.  Monthly, 2 week, 3 week calendar Yes No Yes
   29.  Yearly Calendar Yes No Yes
   30.  Appointment and Task reminder Yes No Yes
   31.  Print memos, tasks and appointments Yes No Yes
   32.  Appointment search Yes No Yes
    33.  Set special dates Yes No Yes
    34. Slide show Yes No Yes





                 "I am writing to express our appreciation for how useful that your Checkbookease software has been to us at Ogden High School in Ogden, Utah. We have classes of personal financial literacy that every high school student is required to take for graduation. Part of the curriculum of this course is the utilization of computer software for tracking checking account transactions. We have found that the Checkbookease software is easy to learn and use. The interface is attractive, and the reports that it generates integrate readily into the portfolio of assignments that our students create to demonstrate their understanding of budgeting and their skills in money management. Thanks for this great product that is readily affordable and so helpful to us in our efforts to instruct students on budgeting and financial responsibility"

                                                                                                           Mr. Bruce Bowen, Business Educator,  Ogden High School


"Thank you so much.  This works great.  I would be willing to buy it again if need be cause this is the greatest checkbook program I have ever seen or used.  I don't know who created this software, but they deserve a million at a boy's for such a great job.  It is so easy to use and has all the features anyone could ever want.  Thanks for a fabulous product and support to match.  Have a wonderful day. Thanks"                                                                                                                        Lewis, South Carolina

"Great Program. I've been looking at several freeware and shareware check/budget programs for several years and your program is the best I've found so far to do what I need."     Tim , Minnesota
           "Thank you very much. I have used dozens of checkbook/budget programs and yours is the best"     Brent, Illinois

"I have recently purchased your product. I like the simplicity and power you have combined."     Fred, Colorado


Thanks for the prompt reply and excellent customer service.  My wife and I love your product and anxiously await the upgraded version. CheckbookEase is such a great product!  I can't imagine not having it!  It's so easy!."     Mike, Texas


This is an outstanding program. It is so easy it is almost to good to be true. But true it is. Thank you again and to whom ever the author is -- great job on the software.  Craig, Winston Salem, NC,



I wrote the other day about a refund which you did wonderful customer service. It was a user problem not a software problem. I am so
Thankful that I have a son that can teach me how to do things when I am lost. GREAT PROGRAM and YES YOU DO work with Windows 8 and I repurchased ours. Truth, I did not know what I was doing. You know the Wonderful Saying Live, Learn and LOVE. I LOVE YOUR PROGRAM. Please if you choose add me to your area of totally satisfied customers and keep it up yours is the greatest.


Don and Deb BOWKER and FAMILY





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